Sunday, 29 September 2013

Wedding Photos

I meant to get these posted ages ago!! We've been very busy immigrating. It turns out it is almost easier to bring a person to Canada than it is to bring a car.

Below is a slideshow of the wedding photos...the photos themselves can be found in our picasa photo album via this link. If you'd like larger copies of the photos for printing or just to save for yourself, please just send Chris or I or Ronna an email.

Photos from the great cross-country roadtrip will come soon.

Monday, 2 September 2013

Welcome to Canada!

Hey, all! I promised I would keep everyone updated on the great adventure, and this is my attempt. I've named the blog Cold Texas, due to a comment someone that I would be moving to a cold version of Texas. And I have to say, the comparison has been apt so far - I've been treated to searing sunlight, dry weather, excellent brisket at a BBQ festival (Alberta also has a relatively large beef industry), and small-town friendliness during the few days I've been here. I've yet to see any cowboy boots or any tolerable Mexican food, but there is a fair number of large pickup trucks and Skynrd fans. In fact, our temporary roommates are out for the day this Labor Day holiday doing nothing other than floating the river (a time-honored Austin tradition). Granted, that's a much colder river than I would ever deign to step foot in, but hey, it is all of 70 degrees out, right? It's important to have a good time before the snow hits.

I'll try to get the wedding pics up next!